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  • Solution
    Professional industrial automation complete solution supplier
    Core competitiveness
    Professional surface treatment equipment contractor
    About Us
    A high-tech enterprise that specializes in providing consulting, design, planning, manufacturing, and service to customers

    Dongguan Guanghong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, production, installation, and sales of various mechanical spare parts for surface treatment and coating production lines.

    The company has experienced management talents, professional technical personnel, and a thoughtful marketing team. Adhering to the principle of customer-centric, survival based on quality, and development based on reputation, we provide high-quality products to our customers with exquisite technology, modern processing equipment, scientific management, and high-quality services.

    • Integrated sharing

    • Craftsmanship manufacturing

    • Integration progress

    • Innovation and win-win situation

    Team Ability
    A strong core team that can fully listen, quickly transform customer needs, and provide customers with complete solutions
    Planning team

    Fully listen to customer needs

    Communicate overall design ideas

    Provide systematic countermeasures

    Design team

    Tailored to customer needs

    Provide cross industry experience integration

    Handle details with a focused attitude

    Manufacturing team

    World Priority Processing Equipment Capabilities

    Professional processing and manufacturing team with division of labor

    Modular processing flow

    Service team

    Provide one-year on-site service and educational training

    Provide lifelong technical consultation and exception handling

    Focused, high-quality, and trustworthy!
    Cooperative clients
    Contact Us
    Dongguan Guanghong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
    Contact person: Mr. Yang
    Mobile: 13926874694
    Tel: 0769-87503698
    Address: Building 1, No. 138 Baifeng Road, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City

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