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    Jobs Us
    Jobs Us
    We pay attention to the quality, potential, character, education, and experience of individuals in recruitment and employment, and follow the principles of fair selection and open competition to sincerely recruit outstanding talents from all aspects. We select a group of outstanding fresh graduates from multiple universities across the country every year as talent reserves. After training and internships, they are assigned to important positions in the company. We adhere to creating a fair, just, and open atmosphere in the process of human resource development, implementing humanized management, and establishing a mechanism to fully develop personal potential. While achieving the overall goals of the enterprise, we provide every employee with a development space to fully realize their self-worth.
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    • Position category:General workers
    • Position category:QC inspector
    • Position category:Reserve cadres
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    Dongguan Guanghong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
    Contact person: Mr. Yang
    Mobile: 13926874694
    Tel: 0769-87503698
    Address: Building 1, No. 138 Baifeng Road, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City

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