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    Introduce the design points of the automotive coating production line
    Release time:2023-09-24
    The process of automobile coating production line can generally be divided into two parts: first, the surface treatment of metal before coating, also known as pre-treatment technology; The second is the construction process of painting. Surface treatment mainly includes removing oil, dust, rust from the surface of the ……
    The difference between semi-automatic electroplating production line and fully automatic electroplating production line
    Release time:2023-09-24
    Semi automatic requires manual labor, while fully automatic does not require manual labor
    What are the categories of painting equipment that can be divided into by industry classification?
    Release time:2023-09-24
    Painting equipment for automobiles, mechanical equipment, mobile phone cases, electrical appliance cases, wooden furniture, handicrafts, flooring, wall panels, steel furniture, and iron handicraft painting equipment
    The principle of adjusting the automotive production line
    Release time:2023-09-26
    The automotive production line operation and adjustment worker is a person who operates and adjusts the equipment and tooling of the automotive production line, and uses the specialized organic processing, welding, stamping, painting, heat treatment, casting, forging and other process methods of automotive production t……
    What are the classifications of electroplating production lines
    Release time:2023-09-26
    Hello, according to the production method, it can be divided into manual, semi-automatic, and automatic electroplating lines; From the perspective of electroplating objects, it can be divided into copper wire electroplating, hardware electroplating, plastic electroplating, PCB electroplating, etc; From the perspective ……
    What are the common classifications of painting equipment?
    Release time:2023-09-26
    Coating equipment can be divided into the following categories based on its function, purpose, and material:(1) Surface treatment materials before painting; (2) Electrophoretic coating (mainly cathodic electrophoretic coating); (3) Intermediate coating and topcoat (organic solvent type); (4) Environmentally friendly mi……
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